The Beginning

Prince Bay Seawalls & Docks was founded by Mario Moeinifar in 2020. This decision did not come lightly. It happened after years of experiencing frustration with the lack of quality marine construction companies in South Florida provided.  At the time Prince Bay Seawalls & Docks came to be, our founder had been designing and building homes in the ultra-luxury space for over 20 years.  Often these mansions require seawalls and docks which the founder used to subcontract to the best companies he could find, but even these were lackluster.  High-end clients are used to the best and only the best, for this reason, Mario decided to no longer use outside help and instead, take on the  entire project himself with an experienced and well-trained team who could do the job the right way. 

Seawall & Dock Specialists

Most companies offering marine construction in South Florida are not actually specialists, they tend to be jacks of all trades that pick up any project they can. More often than not, their bread and butter is regular construction done on dry land, and they have very little experience getting their feet wet. More than likely, this type of company will hire someone else to do the electrical work. Prince Bay Seawalls & Docks was founded with the idea of being very specialized and focused solely on high-end marine construction. By having a razor focus on just one area we have been able to push the boundaries of what is possible and bring you the best in the industry.

We have our own electricity team and can install any accessories the project may demand. From boat lifts to lighting we seamlessly integrate everything into the final design achieving a cohesive and integrated whole. By offering a complete solution, we ensure that every part of the job will be made to the highest standards and achieve absolute customer satisfaction, we have learned over the years that if you want a job done right, it is best if you do it yourself and that’s exactly what we do. 

Only the Best Materials

One of the keys in building a seawall that will last is using quality materials and only top-shelf components. Most of the construction is underwater, thus not visible but that is no excuse not to use the same level of quality as you do inside a multi-million dollar home. When we get a project we do not cut corners by using materials or components that are anything but the best quality. By using the best quality materials, the longevity of the seawall or dock is all but guaranteed. 

We appreciate your time and invite you to contact us to discuss the project and go over any questions you may have. 

Seawall Construction Crew