End-To-End Solutions Tailored To Your Needs

Prince Bay Seawalls & Docks is a full-service marine construction company that focuses on the individual building needs of each customer we serve. From residential seawall construction to docks, our licensed employees will take care of all your needs – from obtaining permits to post-construction clean up. Our services include:

  • Seawall and Underwater Inspection
  • Engineering Diagrams and Permitting
  • Complete Seawall Construction

Seawall & Underwater Inspection: You never know what kind of obstruction might be lurking below the waterline. This is why our team always performs a thorough subsurface site scout before beginning any kind of work.

Engineering Diagrams and Permitting: Before dock or seawall construction can begin, property owners must obtain necessary permits from the local regulatory authorities. When you work with us, you don’t have to worry about this step – we will handle it all, including creating and submitting seawall diagrams to the local council.

Complete Seawall Construction: Building a seawall actually involves more than construction – you also have to think about plumbing, electric, lighting, and more. At Prince Bay Seawalls & Docks, we have our own in-house electricians and technicians dedicated to each of these tasks.

We are a team of seawall designers, engineers, and installation technicians in South Florida and surrounding areas. All work, including choosing the materials, mixing the concrete, and pouring the seawall slab is done by experts who have decades of experience in working in the marine construction industry. 

A Dedicated Crew at Your Service

When you have the most seasoned and skilled team of craftsmen in the industry working for you, you can expect flawless workmanship and timely construction with every project. With Prince Bay Seawalls & Docks, you’ll get the most satisfactory and predictable seawall construction results. We work with property owners as well as developers and builders to create custom seawall solutions to meet any and every need.

A Seawall That Lasts a Lifetime

We only use the highest-quality, industrial-grade raw materials for seawall construction, giving you the longevity you deserve. Our seawalls are made with concrete that has been reinforced with steel, which is considered the strongest material for building marine structures. This reinforced concrete is also extremely resistant to corrosion; several studies show that steel in concrete can remain non-corroded for over 100 years. To put it simply, our seawalls are built to last.

A Customized Dock for Your Waterfront Property

Want to add value to your lakeside cottage or home with a custom dock? We can help. Our docks can set the location for your boat’s mooring point, an entertaining spot you can share with loved ones, or a launching pad for diving and swimming. We offer several different dock options: floating docks, stationary docks, and permanent docks. We can customize the design and build your dock to fit your unique requirements.

Seawall Construction: Schedule A Consultation Today!

Want to talk to us and learn how we can help? Just give us a call at (954) 651-2185 or leave a message here and we will get back to you right away. Our skilled professionals will be happy to walk you through our process and show you what we have done for our other clients.