Building A Seawall: What To Know

Whether you are considering buying a property or setting up a business on the coast of Florida, you will most likely need to think about building a seawall at some point. And unless you are a licensed and experienced marine contractor yourself – or you know someone who is – you’ll need to find someone who can do the job right.

But no two marine construction companies are the same. The areas of specialization between the contractors can vary a lot. And, this can make it tricky to know if your potential contractor is the right fit for your project. Here are two of the most helpful tips on how to choose the right contractor for building a seawall in Florida.

Ask About Their Area of Specialization

When you are looking for a marine construction company, the first thing you need to do is confirm that they do indeed specialize in building seawalls and other coastal and freshwater structures. Of course, a general/inland contractor can offer these services. But, they won’t have the same industry expertise as someone who lives, breathes, and deals with marine construction for a living.

Also, building on land is very different from building a structure beneath the water (obviously). From the unique environmental factors and technical aspects of designs to the specialized equipment involved designing and building a seawall, you need to be sure that the company has the knowledge and experience necessary to choose the right materials. And, of course, to be able to finish the project in a timely manner.

Schedule An In-Person Meeting With the Contractor

One of the key factors in any contractor-client relationship is professional compatibility. No matter how reputable the contractor is, if you two can’t manage to be on the same page, you’ll have a hard time communicating with them. To make sure you’ll work well together, schedule an initial consultation or conversation with the marine construction company. Make sure to do that before signing on the dotted line.

During your discussion, ask them about their industry experience and their understanding of seawall materials. You should also learn about their work habits, the reputation of their company, and their general price points for projects. This will help you gain insight into how company will approach your project. And, this will give you an opportunity to understand the people working behind the scenes.

There is nothing worse than ending up with a marine construction contractor that doesn’t have a strong sense of business ethics and integrity. With that said, take your time when interviewing and short listing the prospects.

Thinking of Building A Seawall? Talk To Us Today

The bottom line of building a seawall is not price, but rather the quality of the end product. At Prince Bay Seawalls & Docks, our team of professional marine contractors is dedicated to quality workmanship. We use only the highest-grade materials to ensure your seawall lasts a lifetime.

Above all, we are a full-service marine construction company. We keep things in-house, with a dedicated electrical division, customer service teams, and a licensed crew. We take serious pride in our ability to help our clients through every step of their project, from the initial permit-obtaining process to seawall designing, planning, and execution.

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