Quality costs money. That’s true in anything from cars to concrete docks. You cannot expect something that is built to last and give you more usage to be cheaper than the alternatives. While there are some alternatives to consider, the question isn’t about which one is better. The question is about which one offer the best value. Consider these things when you are breaking down the value of the different options you have and why adding a concrete dock is the way to go for your property.

1.      Lasts longer

The first and most important advantage to adding a concrete dock is also the most obvious, it’s more durable. Wood can and will wear down and the abuse it takes from the weather can also play a major factor. Concrete will be there for decades and is much easier to maintain as well. You do not have to paint or coat it; you do not have to worry about rot or bugs.

2.      Expand on usage

There are a variety of things you can use a dock for along with protecting a boat. You can use it to store gear, as fishing or swimming platform and more. The stronger options allow for more opportunities to use the area for your enjoyment or convenience.

3.      Protection for boats

Again, your boat is going to be vulnerable to the elements just as the dock would. By using a stronger material, you can improve your options for protecting your craft and keeping it safe. This includes from natural elements as well as from people.

4.      Protection for the property

Erosion can cause serious damage to a property and needs to be something you’re focused on. Seawalls are a great start but an added layer to protect them from the elements as well as boats is to add another barrier. In addition to this, you can also benefit from the added protection the structure provides for yourself and guests. These structures are far more secure and easier to move on.

5.      Increase property value

As with most upgrades to your home or land, the higher quality the upgrade, the more value it brings to your property. If you currently have a wooden platform, even if it’s in great shape, years of wear and tear may cause it to decrease the value of your property if and when you decide to sell it as it would be a major cost and issue that the new owner would have to take on.

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