5 Questions to Ask a Seawall Contractor

Hiring a new contractor for the first time is a challenge. There are dozens of things you will have to consider before you can even make a decision. However, hiring a seawall contractor can be even more challenging. There are fewer options and you have fewer resources to determine who is the best company to go with. As you browse those options, asking these five questions may be very beneficial. They can not only give you a better understanding about the company you are considering, but also help you to be better prepared for the upcoming project and perhaps save yourself a lot of time and money.

1.      Which options are better for my property?

While you may have a good idea on what you are looking for, an experienced contractor may be able to offer recommendations This can include adding to the structure, different design ideas, different materials that will offer longer protection as well as when to get the work done so that it’s the most affordable for you.

2.      Will you design the seawall?

If you are going to have anything done with construction, the design can be very challenging. Even if it’s something you like, it still has to pass code. Knowing if the team you are working with can offer their assistance in the design can be a big advantage as well.

3.      Do you do docks?

While you may not have the motivation to build a dock off the seawall right now, it could be something you consider down the road. If that’s the case, it’s nice to know that the same team who built the barrier can also assist you hear. If you do want one right now, it’s easier and more affordable to use the same company to construct both.

4.      Can you breakdown the costs with services?

There services offered can include a variety of things. When you get the bid, don’t just look at the price, look at the services the company are offering as well. They may be more expensive, but they may also offer several services that could make the project easier or even more affordable overall.

5.      What’s your experience?

There will never be a substitute for experience. If you are looking for a contractor, you need to look into their experience to get an idea of what it will be like to work with them, the quality of their work, if they get the job done on time and if the quality of their work holds up for years.

Never underestimate the value of asking some simple but important questions. As you look for a contractor who specializes in seawalls, take some time to write down 5-15 questions you will ask each and every one of the companies you contact. This is not a decision you want to make in a hurry and it’s especially not a decision you want to make without all the most important information. This way, you are confident in your decision and the quality of the work.