If you are planning to build a Seawall for your property, it pays to know what a seawall contractor can and cannot do for you. This depends on the company you hire. Some may be specialized in the actual building while relying on a different company to make the design. Other companies focus on docks. But, rarely do you find a company such as Prince Bay where ​​we handle it all from planning, concepts, design, and structural engineering. We take it through the city and construction right to the end where your enjoyment begins.


The first thing for a contractor to do is to show proof of being licensed. A general contractor license is enough to make seawalls in the state of Florida. But, if they have a marine construction license, that’s even better. Last but not least, being insured is critical. Plus, your constructor should be able to provide you with proof of insurance.

Getting Ready

Once you’ve selected your contractor for the project they will assess the area and the best approach for your property. Upon surveying the terrain and getting a good idea of what you need to protect your home the design process begins. Your contractor will design the sea wall in accordance with your wishes and the needs of the property itself. There may be a few different concepts to go through before you approve a final version. Once you have an approved design, the fun part begins, building the sea wall.

The contractor, at least when it comes to Prince Bay, will handle the entire process. We get permits from the city, making sure everything is up to code, and of course the actual construction of the sea wall, structural engineering, and all. As the last step, the city will approve the construction. Finally, the client will get to enjoy the quality build. Always make sure to ask your contractor what you can do to maintain the wall once it’s built as well. Based on their experience and the materials they are using, they can recommend the best and safest ways to maintain your property.

Not All Contractors Are Equal

Unfortunately, not every seawall contractor is the same. In fact, the reason Prince Bay came into existence was that the founder became increasingly frustrated with low-quality builds and shoddy construction on the part of sea wall constructors around South Florida. After having worked with a number of them and found them lacking in quality he decided to take matters into his own hands and make a company that went above and beyond.

Give Us A Call

If you are looking to build a sea wall or a dock and want only the most skilled crew and results that speak for themselves contact us by phone at 954-851-2185 or email us anytime at mario@princebay.com. Your project will stand for decades to come and the value of your property will only benefit from any project completed by Price Bay.