Do Marine Construction Companies Handle Seawalls?

To answer the question – yes, of course! A marine construction company is nearly as varied as a land-based one. However, not all marine contractors are equal. Of course, you want to work with a full-service company that can handle every aspect of your project. From local, state, and federal permitting to design to engineering to building and maintenance.

What type of marine construction project is right for your needs will depend on what you want to achieve. Here are four main types of projects an experienced marine contractor can help you with.

Seawalls or Breaker Walls

Seawalls protect the property from damage that waves usually cause. They protect shorelines, houses, docks, boats, and other structures between them and land. Seawalls can be made from concrete, steel, or large stone materials to ensure they are solid enough to withstand the impact of large waves.

Retainer Walls

Waterfront property owners who want to protect their land from eroding into the nearby body of water usually opt for retainer wall construction. These walls prevent the ground from falling into the water. And, they can be made from concrete, sheet metal, and stones. Unless your property has a sizeable beach, bluffs, rocky shores, or a lot of trees, erecting a retainer wall is a smart decision to keep it from eroding.

Dock Construction

Since people widely use them on waterfront properties to tie up boats, docks are one of the most common marine construction projects. There are several different kinds of docks as well: pipe docks, piling docks, and floating docks to name a few.

Pipe docks are removable, making them perfect for seasonal businesses and communities. Piling docks are made up of multiple platforms that are anchored by beams located underwater; these are extremely sturdy and recommended for places with turbulent waters. Floating docks simply sit on top of the water’s surface. So, they should only be installed in a place with calm water.


As the name suggests, a boathouse mainly serves to store a boat. Compared to a dock, a boathouse offers more protection because it shields the boat from the elements. Many boathouses are also equipped with hoists so the boats can be easily lifted out of the water for repair work or long-term storage. This marine construction structure can also include a storage closet or a bigger room for social gatherings.

Prince Bay Seawalls & Docks: Your Trusted Marine Construction Contractor in Fort Lauderdale

At Prince Bay Seawalls & Docks, our abilities include below and above-water construction for seawalls, retaining walls, docks, piers, marinas, pilings, decks, boat slips, boat lifts, boardwalks, and more. We have the in-house skills, resources and equipment to efficiently complete all jobs we undertake. We don’t outsource our work because we operate with a sense of ownership. Plus, we focus on delivering exceptional quality to our customers, no matter how small or big the project might be.

Finally, our goal is to provide dependable quality along with unmatched customer service – all within your budget. To discuss a project that may be suitable for your property, contact us at (954) 651-2185 or leave a message here.